Your Wonderful Day

These two pictures I shot actually are not from a wedding but a small liquor shop in Ballarat, Australia. Perhaps this place might be the one the couple would like to have their big day~Like Europe, people here like to have their ceremony in a small cozy places with their friends and family, not like in my hometown always the big 5 star hotels, hmmmm~To me, this kind of places feels more right.

Furthermore, I just love all the vintage style decoration that I can't stop feeling them again and again. Sometimes I even wish I could go back to 18-19th Century to get those gorgeous dresses on me, even though might be a bit too complicated to put on hahaha...

Oh right, about the wine...Here in Australia, some wine just way too sweet with different kind of interesting flavour such as chocolate, cherry...A great fun to try them though and sorry that I am not good at wine, probably can't give you too much advice. You just have to come here by yourself and try it! :)


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